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Medtwinning on the Round Table

2007-2008 Schedule

A short abstract on the project sent to Queen Rania
Schools involved
2006-2007 Schedule
Italian Cake Recipes
Slovenian Cake Recipes - 2007
Jordan Cake Recipes
Europe Day 2007 and Medtwinning Day 2007
2007 Class Exhibition - Virtual Gallery
2007-2008 Schedule
Forum among students and teachers
Culture boxes exchange - 2007/2008
2008 Class Exhibitions - Posters on partner countries
2008 Class Exhibition on Italian Culture box to Jordan Content
2008 Poster Exhibition on Proverbs in three languages

Medtwinning on the Round Table




2nd year schedule




Preparatory phase

a) November 2007 back to work again


b) December 2007 January 2008       Culture box exchange

                               Slovenia and Italy send their culture boxes to Jordan

                               Jordan sends two culture boxes to Italy and Slovenia.

A Forum is created to enable students to communicate online more directly than through emails.

The Culture Box and  the Forum are to be seen as warming up activities.

Beginning phase (February 2008-Mid-March 2008)

1) getting to know partners through the Forum - Contributions made by the three countries - Forum moderated by the Slovenian Partner  - personal introductions, hobbies, habits (beginning March 08);
2) teachers will divide students in groups. They will start selecting proverbs on food in mother tongue and in English as the vehicular language to exchange with partners (beginning March) together with an internet research on partner countries (Italy, Slovenia, Jordan);

Intermediate phase (Mid-March 08/End of April 08)

3. Each of the three teachers will have his/her students translate their national proverbs into English, the vehicular language and then send them through to the other two teachers by e-mail. Chosen proverbs will have to be possibly related to eating habits and/or food (Mid March 08).

4) Jordan schools will translate Jordan proverbs in English, send them to Italy and Slovenia and will receive Slovenian and Italian proverbs translated in English language in exchange. Everything  will take place among teachers, for internet safety reasons (End of March - mid April).
5) Research on partner countries will take place and posters will be prepared illustrating partner countries and their heritage in order to organize 3 exhibitions, one in each school, on May 9th.  Posters will be at least in two languages.

By mid-April max. end of April, all intermediate steps will have to be over with;

Advanced phase (Ist week May 2008)

5) Jordan students will illustrate Italian and Slovenian proverbs; Slovenian students will illustrate Italian and Jordan ones, Italian students will illustrate Jordan and Slovenian ones.  School or Class Exhibitions will show posters on partner countries and other classes will be invited in order to share the project content and experience. Digital photographs of the exhibitions  will be taken and exchanged among the three teachers in charge, for publication on the dedicated web pages;

6) the number of proverbs to be found, translated and illustrated  may vary, according to teachers' and students' needs;

7)digital pictures will be taken by students during group work, paying attention not to photograph children's faces in a way they can be recognized, as Italian law forbids it (privacy law). The best way will be to take a picture without their face or from the back;

8) The Coordinator will prepare a main web page and every teacher will do the same with their own national page which will then be linked together.

Final phase

9) Digital pictures will be sent to partners for publication on web site;
10) if feasible, blog messages will be exchanged among students, through teachers, for safety reasons.



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