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Medtwinning on the Round Table

A short abstract on the project sent to Queen Rania

A short abstract on the project sent to Queen Rania
Schools involved
2006-2007 Schedule
Italian Cake Recipes
Slovenian Cake Recipes - 2007
Jordan Cake Recipes
Europe Day 2007 and Medtwinning Day 2007
2007 Class Exhibition - Virtual Gallery
2007-2008 Schedule
Forum among students and teachers
Culture boxes exchange - 2007/2008
2008 Class Exhibitions - Posters on partner countries
2008 Class Exhibition on Italian Culture box to Jordan Content
2008 Poster Exhibition on Proverbs in three languages


Rania Al Abdullah - Queen of Jordan

Abstract to Queen Rania


The Round Table

A uniting savoury world tour around common traditions


Milestones of friendship

Collaboration on the bridges of solidarity and mutual brotherly support is the key to the strengthening of bonds which lead to paths outlined by milestones of friendship among countries. It usually begins from the good will of two people, whose example stands out, elevating a call which is rarely not followed by others.

Medtwinning was the opportunity for us as Italians to widen the horizons of Europe, constructing links which went far beyond our E.U. borders. We wanted to connect ourselves to a country whose history and present life we wished to share, in order to be able to give our youngsters a larger perspective which would include the wisdom and tradition of the beautiful land of Jordan.

The first step in Florence in 2006 was fundamental. The chance of meeting with our partners made it possible to illustrate our ideas to them and be able to define common plans concentrating on a topic to start going.

The Round table - A uniting savoury world tour around common traditions carried out by Italy, Slovenia and Jordan, is meant to give our students the opportunity of working through ICT on a theme which is very likely to unite, as it implies concentrating on similarities and differences, underlining the actual common ground.

Working in groups to widen their knowledge on the history, geography, habits and heritage of our countries, enhanced the values of solidarity and mutual respect we deeply believe in.

Our slogan

Medtwinning: the new way of linking countries!

Prof. Noemi Lusi

I.I.S. Carlo Urbani - Rome - Italy

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